Colour here is always colour stimulus that the eye perceived from a colour stimulus sensation. Measurement target is not the (physical, spectral) colours evoked but the (acting) colour stimulus. The measurement is carried out in principle according to the Beer-Lambert law, which is, however, met only with monochromatic measurement. Therefore, intervals of wavelengths formed and measured (as narrow as possible). (Source: wikipedia)

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Item number : 28501HortiCol - the colour-measurement system

HortiCol - the Colour-Measurement System consisting of Portable Mini-Spectral-Photometer for colour-measurements at fruit and vegetables incl. Horticol-Software for evaluation of colours with your pre-defined classes. Measurement field 3.5mm², measurment time: 2 sec, Spectral range: 280..730nm in 10nm intervals. Minimum requirements: USB 1.1, Windows 7. Ready to work with our data-bases (Fruitsoft/ART-Soft)

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