UP Umweltanalytische Produkte GmbH is specialized in the development, production, marketing and sales of environmental analytical products in the areas of soilphysics, hydrology, plantphysiology and meteorology. We offer single measurement devices and sensors as well as complete ready-to-go measurement-systems together with the related services (installation, launch, introduction, maintenance).

We are

a team of physicists, engineers, technician and office workers based in Ibbenbueren (near Hamburg) and a branch-office in Cottbus (near Berlin) from where we cooperate with our world-wide customers and business-partners (UK, USA, Japan).

We try to continually improve and extend the capabilities of the offered instruments, using the most up to date theory and technologies.  Our experienced development team is used to do projects completely in-house, but others take the form of collaborative projects with leading institutions in Germany and Europe.

We offer

  • customized sapflow-sensors based on the development of Dr. Andre Granier, INRA Nancy, and Dr. Jinchen Liu

  • ready-to-go sapflow-measurement systems including data-transmission and specialized versions to compensate (natural-temperature gradient (NTG) / CHD) based on our C-Log-Datalogger

  • wireless-datatransmission solutions between sensors (dendrometers, meteorological sensors, soilmoisture-sensors, ...) and base-unit

  • monitoring and evaluation of logger-/sensor-data (WebVIS) with easy access via Webbrowser

  • sensors and systems for measuring fruit-quality (Firmtech FT7, ART-Apple-Ripeness-Test)

  • experience and knowledge regarding funding-programs for research & development in cooperation with other SMEs and research institutes